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Information about Gatwick Airport

Gatwick airport parking will provide secure, convenient airport parking on your forthcoming trip.

Parking at Gatwick Airport has been in operation for over 70 years and it has always been ahead of its time. Its first innovation was a direct link for passengers between the airport and the nearby rail station. 20 years later its second innovation was to build a covered pier from the terminal to aircraft stands, which became a standard feature of airport design.

The airport handles roughly 31 million passengers a year and demand is growing. Gatwick is anxious to build a second runway to meet the growing demand but there is strong opposition from local residents and environmentalists

Gatwick is the UK's second busiest airport has only one runway on which 70 airlines fly to over 200 different destinations worldwide.

Information about Gatwick Parking

There are a number of different parking options available at Gatwick as you can see from the list above. You can park on or off the airport, or for convenience, opt for the Meet and Greet chauffeur option.

The main off airport car parks for Gatwick parking are the APH and BCP compounds, based about 10 mintues from the airport. These are both privately owned by the brokers and have a large number of spaces available. These off airport car parks generally tend to be more appropriate for longer stays but are equally popular for short breaks, with the minimum stay at Gatwick APH being only 3 days in the winter period when less people are going on holiday.

There are a range of on airport options for Gatwick parking with various choices for both the North and the South terminals. The NCP Flighpath will probably be most useful if you want an on airport Gatwick car park which is near to the terminal building, meaning the transfer time is minimal. If flying from Gatwick South terminal, the best option will be either Parking Express South or the Summer Special car park. Both these are again on airport, which is ideal for shorter transfer times to the terminal.

Finally, you can choose the Meet and Greet option for Gatwick airport parking, which means you are met at the terminal by a representative from the parking company and they will park your car for you, then drop if back to you on your return. This ensures a swift exit from the airport, not having to wait for the transfer bus. There are 3 choices here with Cophall Farm, PAS and CPS all providing Meet and Greet Gatwick airport parking.
Getting There
By Train or BusGatwick Airport is very well served by public transport - trains, buses and coaches. Let someone else be in the driving seat and use the following pages to plan your car-free journey to and from the airport.
By Car
Gatwick is 28 miles (45km) south of London, directly linked to the M23 at Junction 9 and to the A23 London-Brighton road. Just a ten minute drive away, the M25 further connects with the UK's extensive road and motorway network.  
Distances to Gatwick by road

Driving From   (In Miles)

Kingston Upon Thames
Tunbridge Wells

Petrol stations

There are 24 hour petrol stations at both North and South Terminals.
Drop off and pick up

For security reasons, private cars may not stop on the terminal forecourt roads for any purpose other than to set down or pick up passengers. Cars left unattended are liable to be towed away by the police and a fee charged for release.
If leaving a vehicle unattended to set down or pick up passengers, please use the multistorey car parks.
By Taxi

Private hire car services (taxis) are provided by the airport's official partner, Checker Cars. They operate a quoted fare system and cars can be pre-booked with fares paid in advance or at the end of the journey, by cash or credit card. Cars with swivel seats are available for disabled travellers.

Checker Cars has a booking office in the North Terminal arrivals area and a booking office in the northern entrance building leading to the South Terminal. You can also contact them by phone 0800 747 737 (Freephone UK only), fax: +44 (0)1293 569790 or email: (link will launch a new window).

A journey to central London takes approximately 65 minutes and costs around £77 (plus £5 congestion charge if your destination is within the charging zone).
Set down and pick up

For security reasons, private hire cars and taxis may not stop on the terminal forecourt roads for any purpose other than to set down or pick up passengers. Cars left unattended will be towed away by the police and a retrieval charge levied. If you wish to leave a vehicle unattended while setting down or picking up passengers, please use the multistorey car parks.

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